About Sherry

Born and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland, Sherry Jankiewicz studied Art Education at the University of Maryland, College Park, and began teaching middle school art in the Howard County Public School System in Maryland.  Sherry graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a Masters in Art Education and has completed further studio coursework at Towson and MICA.  She qualified for a Fulbright Scholarship Program with UMBC in 2010, traveling abroad to Mexico to study art history.  In 2013, Sherry and a friend created a project in Blantyre, Malawi to paint a mural in a city park with orphaned children residing with the Samaritan Trust Program.  Inspired through travel and the desire for adventure, Sherry left teaching in 2016 to pursue her passion of printmaking in Portland, Oregon and currently resides and works here.  Through her affiliation with Pacific Northwest College of Art, she works in an amazing printing studio exploring relief printing, letterpress, silkscreen, and intaglio techniques.  Sherry’s art reflects her interests in personal wellness as she investigates how energy is stored and transferred through the body to promote physical and emotional healing, in order to form our truest identity.  When not in the studio, Sherry can be found in a yoga class, rock-climbing, hiking, cooking, and reading while sipping on Oregon’s affordable red wines.

Artist Statement

By investigating the workings of my mind during periods of change, I describe different energy currents, confusion, chaos, and my subconscious thoughts through mark-making and color.  Intuitive play allows me to capture this non-visual language that presents the duality between control and chance, realism and abstraction, and hesitation and strength leaving me with a satisfying sense of contrast and unity. During my process of working, I balance emotional color selection with logical decisions of spatial interactions in order to create dynamic, rhythmic, and powerful combinations.  The layered relief prints reflect a permanency given to a fleeting moment often overlooked for an end result.  From my understanding of psychology, alternative healing practices, and art making, I create poetic responses that depict the never-ending journey of the mind’s evolution.