Traditionally, artists plan out the image and color selection of a relief reduction print ahead of time before the printing process even begins.  I occasionally take this route, as seen in "Inspiration for Change", a 5 color reduction linocut print with chine colle.

My sketch with color before the printing process. 

However, I don't always apply this method, as I really enjoy carving into a fresh sheet of linoleum, making marks and lines as my mind thinks to make them.  In that case, another approach I use is to print one layer of "carving doodles" and then begin to plan bold markings using brushstrokes and screen prints.

This slideshow shows the process I took to create Language of Signals after printing a series of carving doodles.

Chine Colle

Chine Colle is a process in printmaking that involves adhering other papers into an image during the printing process.  A collage of prints would be cutting and pasting prints together in a separate step of the art making process, where as chine colle papers are applied after the plate is inked, but before the printing paper is placed on top of the plate.  Check out the following slide show to help demonstrate this!